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The amusement in Macau

Macao is only the samll place, attract the visitors from all parts of the world, have to attribute to its colourful amusement life, mysterious and pleasant, and rich color of big city. Green Pishi racing-cycle every year, will gather past masters and visitors of all parts; Lottery industry of Macao is well-known, also have "gamble port" claim; Numerous sauna baths, night club, etc. are also the important component of the night life of Macao. Macao is an ever-bright city, a lot of shops, bars, restaurants all open all night, even in night, visitor can also enjoy one table delicacies delicacy. Go to Macao but not to experience the lottery amusement of Macao, cannot be regarded as and really been to Macao. The number of the gambling house of Macao is 8 in all, lie in Portugal Beijing hotel separately, Wenhua East hotel, Jingyu hotel, Kaiyue hotel, holiday hotel, new centry hotel, the hall of On The Sea where in the new street beside the river and gold green recreation hall, have one horse-racing of lying in inside (and a.m. to get every other day opening at 3 o'clock before dawn 11 o'clock in Sunday on every weekend) in addition, the other gambling houses all open for 24 hours. The main kind of the lottery industry has lucky lottery, dog race, horse-racing, soccer / basketball lottery, there are nine casinos, including casino of imperial palace, the vacation, casino of gold wall, going back to the strength casino in all, some lies in side of Portugal Jing, Wenhua East, gold land, Kaiyue and new century hotels with the separately, all open in 24 hours. Generally there are the following lottery projects in the place of entertainment: Various schools of thinkers happy, twenty one, rim plate, French rim plate, Fantan, Big and small, shake the silver machine. Place of entertainment can pass in and out since, gain field fee, field have no clothing limit. There is a sign note that hung in the entrances write "Gambling does not win every time, the light gambling stake good is joyful, the spare cash plays, maintenance recreation". Managed by Macao travel KTV Co., Ltd. in all casinos, so the rule of every casino is identical. Only accept the bet of the coin of Macao and Hongkong dollar in the casino, if visitors hold is foreign currency, neighbouring looking for and changing the shop or bank to exchange can arrive. In addition, there are some lottery projects with very strong appreciative value, Macao ease dog race of garden will hold Gree dog match, Macao car match, Macao horse-racing lottery, etc. of horse-racing that racing-cycle know for instance, some very witty, give pleasure to people disposition, have fabulous, worth visiting.
With the development of lottery industry of Macao, the other amusement projects in Macao are developed to some extent too, for instance various bars, cafe, disco, night club and various performing art field, etc., a good place for recreation amusement in Macao.

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