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The Festival celebration of Macau

The Macao Special Administrative Region no matter there is a celebration in Chinese and Western festival. It is local Chinese pay much attention to festival folk about traditional one, is it for instance the Spring Festival, Qing Ming Day, Dragon Boat Festival, the Chongyang Festival, Mid-autumn Festival, dragon-boat racing and so on getting lively and more extraordinary, the the Spring Festival is the most lively particularly among them, begin by the night of New Year's Eve, to the time before dawn next day, large quantities of devotees to Buddha well up, redeem a vow to a god and earnestly hope smooth the coming year by pavilion Room mother, in the room seething with people, go to have fragrant citizen can in the air of views big gun bamboo, fireworks celebrate within the range of assessing, the city is permeated with a scene of happy atmosphere. In addition, some festivals related to religion and custom.

>>The art festival of Macao
Annual a March Macao art festival is Macao locality cultural arts festivals that hold by globalization combine together, hold 16 already up to 2005 year, art festival is participated and make up by Macao local art troupe and world art troupe that invite together, the main content takes music, dance, art exhibition, folk art forms, drama, film as the core.

>>International Music Day of Macao
It is International Music Day of Macao in annual October, International Music Day of Macao up to 2005, had hold 18 already, Between music Day have famous musician, singer, orchestra and chorus go on the performance from all parts of the world, there are the items on the program, west classical music, contemporary music, the opera, etc., the concert, with playing different shows, some are in the Blessed Virgin Mary rose hall, some's music hall in culture.

>>Macao Gelanpizhi the big racing-cycle
Annual November is the most lively Gelanpizhi racing-cycle of Macao, Macao Gelanpizhi racing-cycle have a history of more than 50 years in Macao, the racing-cycle include motorcycle, super luxury sedan and tertiary equation racing-cycle, etc., there will be lottery that will be followed during the match, visitors can make a bet while viewing and admiring .

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