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Welcome to Macau!
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Macau Cuisine

Macao people's food and beverage is made up of Chinese cuisine and foreign dish, among them, the Chinese cuisine is Guangdong Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, Shanghai cuisine, Chaozhou cuisine, etc., rely mainly on restaurant for Guang Dong Cuisine in Macao, every district nearly have, most many with center district particularly, until Guangdong Cuisine of mainland it distinguishes to be no very much even dish. There are cuisine, Japanese food, South Korean cuisine, and cuisine of the Southeast Asian various regions and states in Portugal, etc. in the foreign dish of Macao, because Portugal to the colonial rule of Macao for more than 400 years, so, the infiltration of Macao of cooking culture of Portugal is the most obvious too, have representatives in the Portugal of Macao cuisine most, visitors to Macao have to taste. Want to change taste, could go to pieces of economical and practical place, can go shop taste various types of gruel, the powder, cloud swallow boiled meat dumpling, ginger juice collide milk, etc., you can gorge on and spend is inexpensive. The vegetarian can also go to the deep meditation institute of bodhi to eat a light vegetable dish. Nightfall, chicken leg, ox's rib, quail whose the son's fragrance of a lot of barbecues overflowed, enjoy endless aftertastes. Very popular Taiwan type teahouse, mostly concentrate on "district of new bridge" and "scene garden district of the emperor in the new port" in recent years. All near hotels one call the Thai restaurant in the street on two roads to concentrate on the emperor, the special has rich and powerful fish, salt chicken's foot down, fried prawn cake, etc.. Eat to one's heart's content, want to give family that area order also go back, can new road reach Qingping street area in center district cake house, buy some cloud swallow boiled meat dumpling, almond cookie, chicken roll, crisp fritter, nougat, cake and jerky, snack, son of chicken etc. are very popular.

The introduces of some special features snack

Cod, one salted fish that Portugal compatriot like food, it can with fry, burn, bake, different method cooking of boiling etc., no matter how to cook, will make people's tooth cheek keep fragrant, enjoy endless aftertastes.

>>The chicken of Portugal
It is Portugal compatriot that learn whole chicken, potato, onion, egg, and translate safflower in the food from Africa and Indian, mix with the curried salt and make and become table delicacies. Its characteristic perfume is strong, chicken is tender and delicious. It is a main dish of the complete Portugal cuisine, the flavor of generally cooperating with table wine is better.

>>Green vegetables soup
With potato Rong, Portugal sausage, romaine lettuce, olive oil (Portugal dish, food indispensable to prepare burden), make together, the flavor is unique, it is a very characteristic Portugal cuisine.

>>The snack of flogged egg
Portugal type egg flogs is the most famous snack in Macao, raw materials of it is simple, cure skill is very high, so firmly get the favor of the customer of the restaurant. Egg flog bottom is fragrant crisp egg crisp layer, its upper strata are soft egg yolk layer, combine with softly, fragrant and sweet and delicious.

>>Yishun milk
The table delicacies distance of Macao is famous, "Yishun milk" by the new yard of agenda pavilions of way has a history of over one hundred years, in addition, Yishun is setting up the farm to raise the dairy cattle, so their dairy products are very genuine, many Hong Kong people come Macao each time, they must get the old style of calligraphy size home office order previous pieces of pairs of leather milk too.

>>Green shaddock duck
It is the famous local delicacies in Macao, has been quite welcomed by the customer in the last few years. Make green shaddock duck, choose taste sweet Guangxi Shatian one of shaddock first, turn on skin fetch the meat, put into earthen bowl, add and boil with clean water; Fetch the grass duck to take off the hair and tidy up clean, clean with the fresh water, cut it in half. Put in frying pan exploding two half duck with oil, after water rolls in the earthen bowl input duck meat, boil the slow fire for about two to three hours, duck's meat is soft, add condiments such as yellow wine, spring onions, ginger, garlic, gourmet powder, salt, can have the desk a moment later. Duck's meat of green shaddock is soft and delicious, soup bad smell is delicious and mellow. The green shaddock meat is sweet and cool, can clear away heat and moisturize, it is poisonous to remove the wine; The tough duck's meat is sweet, can invigorate yin and nourish the stomach, moisturize and relieve cough. The two earthen bowl succeed soup, bring out the best in each other, replenish vital essence and remove heat altogether, the efficiency is more outstanding .

>>The fresh fruit is dragged
Grow fruit, fruit juice and pearl milk tea to the main material, play, supply with many style meal product, Italy powder, noodles, halberd, insert pie and salad. In aspect of food, have certain level also, fruit's dragging offer fruit juice all select from fresh fruit, tea put out all from Taiwan, quality is high than general tea shop.

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