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The best time to travel in Macau

It is temperate in climate in the whole year in Macao, the temperature on average is about 20 ?, the change of difference in temperature of the whole year is at 16 ?- 25 ?. Autumn (October - December ) is the most ideal season travelling to Macao, it is temperate in climate, the humidity is low. Although relatively cold in winter (January - March ), but still the sunlight shines on the whole world and cloud and mist curl up occasionally; Every April, temperature rises gradually, with spring in all its brightness and charm; In May- September, it is hot, sometimes there are typhoons, but it swim with step on wave the season more. Go to Macao to travel, needn't prepare too many clothes, only need in winter, take several sweaters, but go to Macao and can wear the cotton material clothes in February - May, because the climate of Macao is very moist at this moment; In addition, Macao is in typhoon season, will all hang the wind ball in order to wish to call people's attention, hang for the 8th to mean having typhoons to come, so need avoiding at the time of the wind game, had better stay in the room, pay attention to protecting yourself .

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