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Macau Overview

Macao lies in the west of the mouth of the Pearl River of the south of China, face each other across the sea with Hong Kong of the east, only 61 kilometers apart; Longitude and latitude position: 11334'47?-11335'20, north latitude is 2206'40?-2213'01?. Macao area including Macao peninsula, son island and the Luis surround island. Land whole area including filling out sea are accumulates about 23.5 sq. km.. Macao belongs to the tropical monsoon climate, warm and much rain. It is the coldest in January of the whole year, the temperature on average is 14.6 ?, the minimum temperature is still at above 5 ?, the temperature on average is 28.5 ?in July, the hottest can reach 32 ? . The annual rainfall reaches 1970 millimetres, April - October are rainy season. Mainly divide two seasons of summer and winter, transient but not obvious in spring and autumn . The hot summer is much rain, slightly sweet and cold in winter, spring is warm and foggy, it is sunny on day of autumn. May - October are typhoon season. Macao area including island and Luis, peninsula of Macao and son of water hole surround the island. According to will it be the beginning 1996 materials, land of whole area including filling out sea it accumulates to be 22.5 sq. km.. Because Macao fills out the sea and builds ground year by year, the area will increase year by year. The peninsula of Macao is connected with Gongbei district of Zhuhai of Guangdong Province and formed by a strip, the length from north to south is about 4 kilometers, The east to west are widest about 1.8 kilometers. Peninsula oblique from southwest to Northeast roughly, the same with the South China coastal areas mountain range shake, Mountain range and distribution from island on the bank in the island, there is a similar tendency. There are a lot of hillocks on the peninsula, the highest one is the loose mountain, 91.07 meters above the sea level, have an elevation of 50-75 meters about mostly while being other. The travel lottery industry of Macao is one of the pillar industries, known as "Coral in the east", had 150 -year long history already. 40 percent tax revenues of the government and person of 30 percent are benefit from the lottery industry directly.

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