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Welcome to Macau!
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Macau Shopping

Can enjoy the best shopping fun in the Asian-Pacific area in Macao, Macao is the duty-free harbour, compared with surrounding area, a lot of goods are very cheap, and the category is various. But the one that should pay attention to is that can bargain with the trade company in some shop and some boutiques without marked price, the price can be a bit more favourable. One's own resources of Macao are not very abundant, their most goods are from abroad, could buy a lot of available famous brand clothes here, furniture antique, gold and silver jewellery, handicrafts, various printed matters, digital electronic products and and Portugal drinks, etc., but before buying these articles, visitors must grasp some knowledge about these goods, such as buying Portugal's national wine. can distinguish different producing areas soon, and will taste the wave and pursue sweet wine, etc. Do shopping in Macao, there are in the center of new road, red downtown streets, three lamps district of Macao of pavilion forebay of agendas, etc. in the more famous shopping area, there are new Yaohan department store, new beautiful China market, Macao souvenir shop and some duty-free shops, masterpiece shops, etc. in the places of shopping. But if buy some valuable articles, had better choose those have Macao do shopping three major shop that sincerity indicate.

The special product in Macau

>>The clothes
Pavilion campsite downtown streets near the forebay bring until three lamp ready-made clothe shop or stand of area near the red downtown streets have, can buy different cloth and different prices in agenda Chinese-fashion garments, still can buy and export overfulfilling a production target or substandard product clothes of a processing factory of ready-made clothe at cheaper price .

>>Furniture and antique
Peninsula and way surround urban area have much shop sell antique genuine thing and exquisite products in the style of the ancients in Macao, shop these centre in agenda pavilion from forebay to heavy three Palestine heavy three Palestinian street, haystack street of area and spend king sessions of street. Much antique furniture are come from China, then through the meticulous process of renovating, mend the place to damage, upgrade metal fittings, etc.. In addition, which use high-quality timber make modelled after an antique new furniture too. Many shops have furniture catalogues, no matter the one that prevail or classical style, can demand to have made to order according to the style in the photo .
Besides furniture, have some other antique paint box, bronze products, old coin, of different size wooden carving like wood, all kinds of pass treasure of house, ancient calligraphy and painting of China to should have to the limit too.

>>Portugal wine
But the well-known whole world of wine of Portugal, can go to the wine museum first before buying, the society distinguishes the wine of different producing areas, distinguish blue and green wine and claret, taste the wave having good quality and pursue knowledge such as the sweet wine. All supermarkets in the whole Macao, even the small shop, all sell the wine. All there is various types of wine in the duty-free shop of the quay, airport and frontier, the passenger coming and going hurriedly can buy very conveniently. Price of wine, valuable Macao coin yuan of ordinary meal wines, valuable Macao coin yuan of waves pursue superior to make while being old while being old too.

Near hotels, the new road and high person's morality main road in Beijing of Portugal, there are much jeweler's shops with better prestige. In heavy three bar, imprison floodgate and bishop can buy some artificial jewel on the stand to sell souvenir near the mountain, the styles and prices are all good.

>>Camera, camera and electronic product
Macao much camera apparatus competent and all full-length department stores are sell the most advanced electronic product, camera and camera, lie new road and lie two goods that shop sell style new having good quality near the Gaoshide three lamp of main road among them, the price is cheaper.

>>The handicrafts
Many shops sell the handicrafts from China and other places of Asia in Macao, the street of Hangzhou lying near son's Hyatt Regency Hotel, a lot of shops sell the traditional hand work, such as Chinese tea set, the clothes and musical instrument. The unique simple stone ovum pond of equipment design and model is very characteristic in the shop.

The porcelain price of Macao is quite cheap, can also make to order the style that oneself like in some factories. In the shop near three large Palestinian memorial archways and shop of area on the new road, there are many interesting antiques and unique porcelain.

>>Draw of art
There are many here and artists from different countries in Macao, often the gallery here is exhibited for their works. The exhibition of paintings is generally held in underground civil administration headquarters, eastern foundation, tourism administration and field of the travel activity centre, the works exhibited are usually suitable for buying. The local newspapers will publish the news of the exhibition of paintings, you can pay close attention to the news while going to travel. Traditional handicraft in the shop near the general post office of new road of Chinese painting can buy, buy the old painting could to the colored shop of the street of king's hall .

>>Postcard, books, printed matter
Different types of available postcards of shop and other novel things can buy near three large Palestinian memorial archways. However, if you want to buy some really interesting books high in quality and the local artist's works, can reach the boutique in the building of civil administration headquarters .

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