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Travel guide of Macau

>>Three large Palestinian memorial archways
one of Macao eight scenes, it is holy to previous wall trace of protect emolument church (ST.PAUL'S), it is Macao scenic spot. The church is originally designed by a priest of Society of Jesus of Italy. Laid a foundation in 1602, all completed in 1637, but the feldspar steps were finished later in the last period in the church. Holy to assure emolument cathedral complete, the church on the light hillock, face 68 stone steps, towering and grand. The building is divided into horizontal four storeys, the top is the triangular angle lintel, and longitudinal nine, form different marks, it is like telling a story. On the whole, the previous wall embodies two groups of meanings: A group is square, laying two storeys in the building, mainly reflecting the work of the Society of Jesus in vain and missionary, it is this life of travelling round the earth and preaching that teaches a group; Another group is triangle, display greatest sage holy three (holy father, Jesus Christ, holy god) and virginity Maria who take the place of person to prayed for the mankind in front of God emphatically. The room behind three large Palestinian memorial archways, there is art museum of Catholicism, it is all representative religious paintings to collect exhibits in the museum, carving and religious etiquette ornament, etc.. Exhibit these every church build collection of institute choose 16 work when the 19th century that come out carefully from Macao, it is belong to here teaching place, and is taught to donate for the museum to collect.

>>Mother's pavilion temple
It is one of the most famous scenic spots and historical sites in Macao, one of Macao eight scenes too, exist so far already for 500 years, it is the most ancient one in three major Buddhist's courtyards in Macao. Mother pavilion temple call Mazu pavilion originally, the southeast commonly called as queen's temple in Macao, build it in 1488, on the occasion of Ming Dynasty. With hills behind and face the sea, along the precipice building, ancient wood, the scene is graceful. Whole temples including audience halls, enlarging the benevolence hall, pavilion of Goddess of Mercy, etc. four main buildings, the town door of stone lion, flying in the eaves high up in the airly, it is one that is rich in the ancient building with characteristic Chinese culture. The temple enshrine and worship Mother Mazu empress commonly called as queen, princess, maritime patron saint, honoured as the lucky incarnation. Prostrated oneself by the person who belife the god, the burning incense is without cease at ordinary times, the Spring Festival and during queen's birth, mother's pavilion temple burning incense is more golden, full of smoke in the temple, like the air as happy and auspicious as the transpiration. In order to be able to some above fragrant in note, yet to the period of the day from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m., many devotees to Buddha that do obeisance for blessings right away own from well up, come from all directions New Year's Eve, wait for to enter temple fragrant National People's Congress that pray for blessings are arrange long queue, exceed crowd to crowd and well up night, remain until the daybreak.

>>Loose mountain beacon
One of the eight scenes in Macao, the beacon was built in 1864, the tower is 13 metres high, 25 range circulate shine around Macao will it be nightfall every day, park all night, service exceed 40,000 nights already so far, it is the longest beacon in history in the Far East Area.
The site of the beacon is a small fort originally, call "the loose mountain fort", among 1637-1638 years, the area is square 8600, fort present position is Macao peak of peninsula, can view Macao in the far distance all scenery through telescope of fort. Because this place terrain is high, beacon use as hang typhoon place of signal also, the day that every typhoon comes, by the beacon, will hang a typhoon signal in order to warn, most residents all can see. There is a chapel by the beacon, call "the Blessed Virgin Mary hall church in the snowfield" to build in 1626, that offer sacrifices to is that the compatriots of Portugal regard as and escort the spirit of the navigation. Building of church keep Portugal to build special of institute in the 17th century, the ceiling of church at the wall took the form of the arch, variola keep, have whom Asia deposit sincerely exceed hand of history of 200 years paint the historical relic of mural painting, put one ancient bells by the church.

>>The seabeach having a rest area of black sand
The way surrounds the black sand in southeast side on the island, is the famous natural sea outdoor bathing place of Macao. Black sand special type of seabeach lie in dark sand, young and slip, it is said it is ocean that bring dark secondary ore green sea stone, influence by the ocean current, is due to welled up bank.
Former government expanded facilities such as the children's park , roasting picnicking area, camp site, sandy beach volleyball court, open-air theater and teahouse, etc. in regions of forest of the loose tree on the bank in several years, named as "the seabeach having a rest area of black sand". At present, in black sea of sand stand person who have a rest that here cover an area of 20,600 square meters being to include a lot of some, as take in the woods of 12,000 square meters, is inside all over planting the wooden Chinese ephedra tree. Play a windproof role, has beautified the environment all around too; Still face the sea , neat and comfortable chalet, there are 48 berths of six rooms in all, set up health musical instrument material inside, offer people amusement; In addition also camp in the field and children's amusement park, etc.. By the black sand seabeach, another "comprehensive activity centre of black sand", the area of centre is up to 18,500 square meters, consist of one Olympic standard swimming pool and one child swimming pool, one comprehensive stadium, two court, a volleyball court, one small-scale Geerfu court, one picnic area, one children travelling area, one roast field and one restaurant, have area reach sq.m. of green areas. Activity centre have roast the food supply while being various types of also, let customers enjoy roasting.

>>The museum of Macao
The museum of Macao which beside the Sanba memorial archway of Palestinian build up in April 1998 is one symbol building that characteristic of design new, conditions and customs strong landmark. The museum builds it in the middle of a mountain in large Fortress Hill, Tibet of first and two floor are in the middle of a mountain, that emerged on large Fortress Hill is the third floor. The museum of Macao cooperates with a series of material objects, through different form ways of model, picture, image, a history and culture, tradition, the past, the present and the future of Macao -are all Show, make you imitate in the large ship that place oneself in the midst of history in Macao. Civilization of Macao area is primitive (first F): Introduced the origin of this area, and new stone implement period was to the middle period of the 17th century, this important world (Asia and Europe ) situation of the trade commercial port in Macao, this period is also the golden period in Macao. Macao folk art and tradition (second F): Show through local different subject matter that culture derived, this has brought and enriched the unique side for social culture of Macao, for example as follows: traditional festival celebration, daily life, traditional handicraft and typical trade of Macao, etc.. Contemporary characteristic of Macao (the third F): It is the last floor in the museum. Mainly introduce the different fields of contemporary Macao; Period of Can remembered to trace back to get up also by beginning of this century current elder, to present various social state. And it is the last personal exhibition question of this layer that Macao the prospect of look forward .

>>The small hall of bishop mountain
Build on Macao Xiwang foreign mountaining of one of the highest peak, it is one orientation patron saint of navigator that pray chapel, also called the Blessed Virgin Mary low hall of sea precipice , built by the fort in 1622, the palace is simple and unadorned, path circuitous, support in soldier who person of Portugal of in the Macao, removing and spreading near 1892 years after the ancient fort is removed, becomes the grand scale of today after rebuilding in 1835. Church building rely mainly on towering arch over a gate, roof of triangle stand the Blessed Virgin Mary's statue, right of the church is the bell tower, the bell tower towers into the clouds, very solemn and unsophisticated. Left of the church added the office of bishop that built in 1935. Before the Chapel of Our Lady has a high platform, has a marble carving and portrait of the Blessed Virgin, the Blessed Virgin Mary assorted for both hands to shut, looks very kindly, face to the sea. Have one grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Luther under it, stone steps encircled from side to side to follow lay, can reach hole. The rock is jagged in the hole, the middle opens the arched door, sets up the Blessed Virgin Mary's portrait inside, like seek the Blessed Virgin Mary in Lude city of French, make its presence or power felt scene in public in ancient times. In the middle put the Jar which visited and held a memorial ceremony for, in front of the hole has iron railings sacrificial altar, hole around rows of bench low many on the ground, for people to worship on bended knees and repent. It is open and deep and remote to the foot-path around the church, the ancient tree is umbrageous, the building is auspicious and beautiful, with beautiful environment, can occupy a commanding position even more, look around the west gulf and scene in China's Mainland gulf, Zhuhai of the south, the ones that become one of Chinese and foreign visitors are like to visited hotly.

>>The deep meditation institute of Puti
It is lies between Lianruo and Miniao street, close to the east of small pool hillfoot, it is that the island in all temples the most extensive, most splendid, it is main Buddhism famous scenic spot of Macao area too. A series of building of place this use as place that Buddhism practise Buddhism or Taoism, a good place for travelling and having a rest at the same time. Release round master reconstruct Puti deep meditation institute into the puti garden intelligently, construct several classic and exquisite halls in accordance with the mountain, enshrine different gods separately. Puti deep meditation institute have garden and dining hall in Buddhist temple, garden enshrine and worship Thailand Buddha on four sides that through the letter is send here. Visitors can also visit, appreciate a pond of every pavilion besides can enjoy the room dish with traditional characteristic, small briage and cloister, antithetical couplet sculpture, the flowers worm's fish, etc.. The pleasant place of a such view, no wonder visitors are numerous.

>>Another five scenes in eight scenes in Macao
LuYuan visit: LuLianruo park, establish on the 1904, it is built by Lulianruo who is gambling trader, president of Macao trade meeting and lake mirror hospital charitable association originally. its scale is greatly the top of the private garden of Macao. Purchase by the government of Macao in 1973, build into the park again, launched formally in September of 1974.

The dragon surrounds Portugal's musical sound : Refer to son's Continental Europe graceful bearing in the back gulf area of water hole. This place borders on the sea, beautiful scenery, the garden is distributed between that. Having formed a large stretch of mangrove at the seabeach after 1968, 5 a Portugal type building set off the view among the woods by the broken stone road, become the place that visitors like to visit.

Black sand step on wave: To be ancient to claim way ring dark sand seabeach of "Large Loop". The sandy beach is about 1 kilometer wide, sand is thin and even, black, so have black name of seabeach, It is the biggest natural bathing beach in district of Macao.

Puji seek deep and remote: It is the biggest deep meditation institute of Macao, it is the temple on the largest scale of Macao too, the scenery is quiet and beautiful, keeping the special in the southern temple of Ming and Qing Dynasties, there is history of nearly 400 years. Its for the first time for person who instead Ming of Qing to meet place, China and the United States sign the stone desk stool of "look at the treaty of tall building" here too on July 3, 1844.

Mirror sea Changhong: Include two parts of "sea of the mirror" and "Changhong". sea of the mirror is one of the ancient names of Macao, refer to the sea between Macao island and water hole son's island in general on "sea of the mirror", it has been the channel of foreign trade of Macao over several hundred years, has erected two bridges in "sea of the mirror" of today - -Macao water hole bridge and friendship bridge. Two bridges are like "Changhong" and span "the sea of the mirror", not merely become traffic main arteries of Macao, become a moving scene of Macao too.

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