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Welcome to Macau!
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Macau Transportation

External traffic

Macao International airport lies in the son east of island, terminal building builds on chicken head mountain after not blowing up at the level land, aircraft park builds on terminal building southeast filling out sea at the land, runway build at the land which have a distance from son's island filling out sea, separate between son's island with the sea water, but there is the taxiway that links to each other, the whole overall arrangement is very special. The International airport of Macao has already opened it with the airport of Pudong of Shanghai now, the courses of Hangzhou, Guilin, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Gaoxiong, South Korea Seoul, Renchuan, Bangkok of Thailand and so on, in addition, have some seasonal course and and Haikou and Japan high loose, ridge chartered plane course of mountain, etc.. Helicopter: The helicopter is the most convenient means of transportation of exchanged Hong Kong and Macro, Asian-Pacific airline and Hong Kong unite the joint venture of helicopter Co., Ltd., it only takes about 16 minutes , take off and land in the helicopter level ground in the passenger traffic building of outport.

The passenger traffic quay of Macao lies in the outport of the end of the southeast of peninsula of Macao, in the face of the bridge of Macao, close to new Yaohan department store, the full name is "outport passenger traffic quay of Macao", have association in the passenger traffic steamer of Hong Kong and Shenzhen every day here. A lot of come visitor of Macao to enter a country from Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Macao that piece kilometer of channels is one of most heavy channel in the world only. Ship of Macao -- Hong Kong number of runs are regular, flight come and go between the building of Hong Kong fit with a contraceptive ring Hong Kong and Macro quay and Macao passenger traffic of outport of Xinde Centre, except that there is a regular flight every day, can also offer 24-hour passenger traffic service for visitors, voyage is about 1 hour. about 67 kilometers apart between Macao and Shenzhen, each two flights which run from opposite directions of every day between two places, the quays of two places are about 36 sea miles apart, go by ship for about an hour. The course adopt the ship of fly to cat twin hull vessel which 32 of speed per hour, total handling capacity of passengers is 266 people.

Fork imprison station have air conditioner car leave for Guangzhou every day, 30 minute one bus, about 25 hours; Have a car that leaves for Macao from Guangzhou too at the same time. Macao and Mainland have two border inspection station, one lies in Macao peninsula the Northeast end and Zhuhai city bounded imprisoning the border inspection station of the floodgate among them, another lies in lotus flower bridge way city border inspection station of way, join Gongbei port and horizontal musical instrument port of Zhuhai separately. Regard port of Gongbei as main land route coherent pass bank among them, open hour is 07:30 - 00:00 every day. Need notice that fork imprison station not handle foreign entry visa of passenger, the passenger can go ahead of the rest and go through the good entry formalities to the pass of Gongbei , and then take the car that shut on the underground second floor of frontier inspection building in the station of fork .

Internal traffic

There are large-scale bus and minibus in the urban area of Macao, especially between son and ring of the way, the order of classes is very dense, every station has the walking route card which introduce by Portugal's document and chinese every bus. All buses are the self-service ticketing, and have air conditioners. A lot of buses shuttle back and forth in the streets and lanes of urban area of Macao.

The taxi body of Macao is black, the roof is that the milk is yellow. 1.5 start Macao 10 of coin, every 200 add 1 later, park and wait guest charge every minute is 1 yuan. Exchanged son and Macao peninsula do not need additional expense, from the son to the ring of the way, besides fare, charge extra charges of 2 yuan extra; Surrounded the out island and charged the additional expense of 5 yuan to the way by the peninsula of Macao.

Rent the car
There is company offering the jeep to hire out the service in Macao, each car can carry four people, expenses is 450 Macao coin start at ordinary times, 500 Macao coin start weekend and festivals or holidays.

Rent the bicycle (the bicycle)
If want to roam Macao in a relaxed and leisurely way, can yet be regarded as a good choice by bike. In son's urban area of out island, can lease the bicycle in good model's park and other places.

Manpower tricycle
It is most characteristic means of transportation of Macao, not the main public means of transportation now, but a kind of very good important of transportation of travel, especially take the manpower tricycle and roam the south gulf, west gulf area, a burst of of breeze, beautiful. The tricycle is very slow, can appreciate the scene of the street well, can also stop to take photo at any time. The carters still hold the guide concurrently and do, lies between the scenic spots will introduce Macao to guests everywhere, guests go to the next scene a little more after visiting, random is very strong.

Enjoy a trip at sea
Maritime affairs museum have visit activity by ship every day (except the Tuesday), course are inner harbor and travel tower mainly. Visitors can enjoy the scenery of the seaport area by ship. The departure place enjoyed a trip to at sea is quay No. one by the maritime affairs museum.

Nostalgic tour
People sit one appearance imitate car which imperial lineage of Britain for 1920, go to all main scenic spot. This kind of car is known as "the luxurious antique vintage car", it is ornamental and antique in the carriage, can take 9 people, the expenses are coins of Macao of 300 yuan/ hour.

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